Our projects are not only win-win for Chinese and other POC communities, they also lay groundwork for increased collaboration in the future. We measure outcomes to iteratively improve processes and adapt to local contexts at our meetings. Most importantly, we do not compromise our aims & tactics to please funders or win short-term political gains. Our work is about communities deciding their own fate while centering marginalized folks’ needs. To do this effectively, we structure our work so we can learn to do it better next time.

How do we structure our projects for impact?

We build projects that uplift human dignity. They come in all forms and sizes. They are articles, courses, how-to guides, podcasts, and reparations. Some reframe our history, some strengthen inter-community relationships. Others are purely experimental projects with a powerful intent for radical change. No matter their shape, they all go through a process of feedback and improvement that centers marginalized folks. As a result, we stay open-minded to new solutions for increasing equity with greater speed and effectiveness.

Consider-All-Options Approach

Quantify Behavioral Activism Outcomes

Multiple Pathways for Folks' Different Needs

Interested in our projects? Take a look.

Chinese Involvement in Making the Model Minority Myth


  • Reframes history
  • Intro to privilege & equity

This essay series connects the Chinese experience in America to anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity, and white supremacy. It summarizes Rad Chinese meeting discussions and demonstrates how group learning can be made more accessible. Progressive Chinese folks see how liberal institutions fail to support marginalized communities. Work in progress.

Rad-Group Kickstart Blueprint


  • Creates space for suppressed identities
  • Customizable to any community
  • Makes organizing easier

This blueprint is a step-by-step framework for creating a rad activist group. It streamlines the process of organizing and provides a communal mechanism for updating processes to reflect community needs. Rad groups in your local community provide an important space for folks to build relationships and resolve. Rad groups can also work together to tackle inter-community issues and build consensus.

It’s very easy to understand. It’s not as much work as I would have thought, which is a good thing.Rebecca Wei, Rad Chinese Co-organizer

How I became Rad — Interview Series of Rad Chinese members


  • Builds credibility
  • Clarifies key takeaways

This interview series illustrates how people grow in their understanding of politics and culture. It brings a personal narrative to activist work and shows many ways of being rad. We learn from each other’s stories how we can also grow and challenge ourselves. Furthermore, these stories demystify how people evolve their politics by recognizing that further growth remains for us all.

Knowing more about people’s journeys has made me both more open-minded and discerning at the same time.Alex Au, Rad Chinese Co-organizer

Mini-course on white supremacy for Chinese in America


  • Introduces an important concept
  • Provides space for dialogue

This mini-course provides an interactive space for Chinese in America to learn about white supremacy. It surveys different perspectives on what white supremacy is and gives folks concrete action items to further deepen their understanding. This course creates an importance space for folks to test their beliefs in a space where they won’t be judged so they can grapple with difficult issues authentically.

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