In Episode #11, Rebecca, Alex, and Rad Chinese folks discuss the events leading up to Sa-i-gu and reflect on the role Chinese should play in Pan-Asian activism. Can we learn from other Asian-American experiences to tackle anti-blackness in our own community? Should we organize around white supremacy or does that preclude us from using mainstream media channels for outreach? Tune-in to hear the one major takeaway Rebecca, Alex, and Rad Chinese folks got from their first look into this overlooked significant event in Asian-American history.

16:59 “No justice no peace. So it’s like progress for who? If you tamper things so that people are peaceful and then as a result of some liberal consensus that black people never get access to resources while everybody else is happy: I’m not sure that that’s a great outcome.”

17:40 “Model minority myth that Chinese people had a lead on creating in America, which dictated Korean behavior and how they were treated when they got here so it’s like: it’s our responsibility in that sense.”

19:53 “There are very severe limitations to what type of liberal organization can do because at some point you know, they try to radicalize or they try to start seeing that white supremacy is an issue, there’s a way that it gets shut down… so how can you build in such a way that it won’t be shut down?

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