What is the purpose of your org?

To gather Chinese folks to fight for the liberation of all oppressed people of color through unlearning, re-learning, and action.

Through our bi-weekly Rad BYOB events, we do dinner, discussion, and activities that reveal systems of oppression and help us work towards alternatives. Our vision is for a politically engaged Chinese community that works together with other oppressed groups to replace capitalist white supremacy with systems of inclusion.

What are the major projects the org is working on currently?

Our primary project right now is holding bi-weekly “”Rad B.Y.O.B”” events — that’s “”Bring Your Own Bowl.”” We do dinner, discussion, and activities that reveal systems of oppression and help us work towards alternatives. We also share our discussions in the Rad Chinese podcast.

We are working to make this a replicable process that people in any town can use to create communities of action, center folks on the margin, and gather folks at diverse intersections of solidarity.

This replicable process takes 20-30 hours of work, streamlines it into 10 hours of work, then organizes that work into 2-hour chunks that can be done by a mostly inexperienced 5-person crew.

By making this process replicable, we can hold space for community intersections that usually lack a rallying point.

For example, we are in the process of starting 2 more Rad BYOB meetings — one for only Chinese men on emasculation and another for only Chinese women on hyper-sexualization. After folks meet and discuss with others who share similar experiences, the 2 groups can form a 3rd group to speak on the interplay of Chinese men and women in the context of emasculation and hyper-sexualization.

We also have 1 secondary project: “”Partners Work,”” where Rad Chinese members partner up to investigate less common topics or put into practice ways to fight for liberation.

How did the org decide to work on these projects? What kinds of decisions still need to be made for these projects? How will these decisions be made?

1. Rad BYOBs create space where Chinese people can really connect with each other over their identity and in the context of being both oppressors and oppressed. The meeting format of having both dinner and structured one-on-ones fosters meaningful conversations and connections.

2. We record our discussions so they can be used to further self-discovery and reach people who would join our org.

3. We experiment with activities that impact our micro-environment. As Rad Chinese grows, we can organize into specialized groups to tackle issues with greater appreciation of intersections and marginalized struggles.

4. Readymade Process – Rather than rely on a handful of core organizers, Rad Chinese is creating roles that anybody can pick up and understand. We’re setting up our work to ensure it stays grassroots even if we grow to serving tens-of-thousands of people.

What is the history of the org — in what ways is it changing now?

The first Rad Chinese event was held on June 27, 2017 with four people attending. Alex Au and Kim The, who met through Asian Americans Advancing Justice, threw the event to create a space where they could get to know other Chinese people while tackling deeper questions on identity and oppression and how to take effective action.

Our current strategy is to focus on onboarding new members even at the cost of doing less outreach. We are creating processes to engage attendees, match them to relevant roles, and support them in whatever they need to be useful. Once we automate and make transparent our onboarding process by using an app called Uncovery, we will transition to doing more outreach and growing our impact.