Who is welcome at Rad Chinese? (How do you define Chinese?)

We mean people who are ethnically Chinese or 華人 (huá rén). This includes mixed-race folks, people from Taiwan, and pretty much anybody who identifies as Chinese and has a Chinese grandparent — you’re super welcome!! Definitely come by.

You don’t have to speak Chinese or be born in China, or like Chinese food.

In the space that this group holds, you will center your Chinese identity in the context of white supremacy and other facets of your identity.

So Rad Chinese is a reading group?

More so than that, we’re developing community and preparing to fight for the liberation of all oppressed POCs. We do that through unlearning, re-learning, and action.

…so when we meet, there is a reading that gets discussed, but not everybody has to read it, and the focus is more on developing a community that acts in solidarity with all oppressed POCs

So what’s an example of an action you might take?

Based on our understanding of model minority myth, we might design 7 habits to counter its perpetuation. Then as a group, we can work on developing those new habits.

An example might be giving a nod to systemic racism in getting the jobs or material wealth we enjoy when introducing ourselves. Or paying reparations for this privilege we enjoy. We can also have a mental checklist for quickly identifying moments of model minority myth and calling out ourselves and others.

Why not organize around Asian Americans — why choose Chinese people?

So that we center our own culture, history, and issues .

Organizing as Asian Americans is important work, especially for advocacy work. However, we focus on self-work before social work and micro-environment before macro-environment.

By organizing around ethnicity, we purposefully de-center whiteness. This gives us more power and focus on what we can do rather than what we wish white folks would. This is especially important for the super personal and local work we aim to do.

So does it include immigrants or what kind of Chinese come?

Right now, mostly 2nd gen+ Chinese folks come, age 18-35. We discuss model minority myth because it’s an accessible topic for the people who started the first Rad BYOB.

Everyone is welcome, and we’ve seen diversity in profession, class, and gender. As we grow, we plan to hold space for intersections of all kinds and also to hold space for work between those intersections.

How were these About pages written?

They were written by founding organizer Alex Au.

These responses are subject to change as the org becomes more grassroots and processes are better defined.