Our discussions and relationship-building meetings inform and transform your future activism

Inform your activism

Get energized in community with activism-minded Chinese folks. We help you resist white supremacy. Our meetings create space to develop your cultural and political identity. Our projects extend resources for small groups to organize in real-world ways and create support to drive radical change in communities.

Meetings that create a space to grow

Structured one-on-ones spark reflection and build trust for long-lasting activism.


Discussions about our history and critical concepts inform the present.


Our approach to project work supports creativity in new and ongoing projects.

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Founding Organizers
Alex Wen

“We get into issues that I’ve always wanted to discuss but never got into in other spaces. I can take what I learn here and apply it in other spaces.”

Kim The

“We develop community through one-on-one relationships. This helps us to resist and develop resilience. It’s a vehicle to spread ideas, and it’s long-lasting compared with other tactics.”

Rebecca Wei

“It’s encouraging as an introvert. I’ve done other traditional activist things, but it’s also good knowing that there’s a deep relational thing. It’s giving me hope for a new way of thinking.”

Alex Au

Alex Au Profile Pic

“It warms my heart to watch people’s growth and see my own. Every time it helps me remember that you’re not alone. We do back and forth with different perspectives. It’s a great community.”